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La Romana Spa


Architecture Studio
Isaac Peral Arquitectos


Photo Credits
Isaac Peral Arquitectos

The Spa building is organized like a hamman. It consists mainly of two areas, the first or access, in which the reception and the cafeteria are located; and another area in which the changing rooms and water area appear. This area consists of a continuous circuit, that connects the different treatments; Jacuzzi, jets, bubbles, aroma-therapy, color-therapy and water beds.

The local terroir contains oxides that provide the landscape with a characteristic red tone. The building has been built with the local stone; Red Alicante marble, thus blending in with its surroundings. The block welcomes you inside, austere but comfortable, to offer you a sensitive experience of water and light.

The semi-darkness of its interior is broken by the light that penetrates through the multiple cracks carved in its marble cladding as a lattice. In this way, a suggestive space is produced, which only communicates with the outside through strategically placed openings to reveal the landscape.

All the construction materials used are natural (stone, iron and wood), typical of the area. In this way, a very modern architecture is achieved, although nourished by the local building tradition.

In its facilities, energy saving has been taken in great consideration through bioclimatic techniques that have managed to make the building a sustainable and economical installation. The energy contribution of the solar panels heats the water in the pool and the indoor Spa. Marble stone is an excellent capacitive material that keeps the space warm in winter for many hours, even until the next day. All materials used are local.