Oiside - su misura: le nostre opzioni di personalizzazione


Our collections are conceived for being customised in line with the specific needs of a project. Sometimes that means being made to measure with regards to a certain colour or finish; at other times that means that the sizes and/or format of the space influences the dimensions of the furniture. With OISIDE we have our own in-house design department that works in collaboration with architects and interior designers in order to adapt our collections for their projects, looking in depth at the design proposal and advising on the best options for customisation. We also involve our technical department if it comes to the need for developing new original designs.

All of our collections are made using aluminium that allows for a colour customisation on request using whatever tone from the RAL card that is necessary, beyond the colour options offered for each of our series. This means that our furniture can be adapted to a general colour palette of a given project or a specific corporate colour. In that case the fabrics and table tops can also be included within this approach which might mean looking at alternative colours not featured in a particular series. Our design team can provide help in these circumstances, developing an individual project proposal.

Depending on the ultimate use of the furniture and the setting where it will be used, the overall quantities involved, the allotted budget, the possible future maintenance requirements and specific needs regarding durability … at OISIDE we can adapt our collections to satisfy all and any requirement by either modifying an existing series or developing it to comply with the specific needs for individual projects. Because we are manufacturers we don’t have any limitations when it comes to carrying out anything from small modifications to large scale changes for contract projects. We are well aware that the customisation of the fixtures and fittings helps make a project unique and special.