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Beam is an elegant collection of iroko furniture with a marked architectural inspiration. Its subdued and rationalist style design, with geometric lines and an unmistakable profile, lends weight and aesthetic versatility to the different elements of this collection, capable of easily adapting to any style setting. Looking at its design in greater detail the way the different planes and sizes of the slats that provide each piece with a subtle graphic expression are arranged provides the only decorative feature.

This dynamic arrangement of the slats that characterises the iroko furniture of the Beam collection is not merely an aesthetic consideration, given that it also ensures the structural strength of the various elements belonging to the series. And similarly it allows the grain and the cross section of the iroko hardwood to be appreciated, underlining its natural character.

To make the loungers and sofas more comfortable the backrests are given a slight slope which in addition gives the design an attractive profile. The greater depth together with the upholstered elements that make up the collection lend greater comfort to the outdoor living and relaxation areas that can be created using the Beam collection. The upholstered parts are made using acrylic solution-dyed fabric that ensures longer life span for colours. The fabric are laminated and have thermo-sealed seams meaning that they are weather proof and resistant to humidity penetration. And in addition the covers can be easily removed for cleaning. The wood is treated with a water based varnish that protects it for use in particularly aggressive exterior conditions.

Designed by Francesc Rifé the Beam collection of iroko furniture is complimented by a series of side and dining tables whose surfaces also present a studied arrangement of slats designed to provide a dynamic effect and highlight the organic quality of the hardwood. Beam presents a perfect series of pieces for configuring exterior living and relaxation areas as well as outdoor dining spaces with a subdued and balanced design but with elegant detailing that lends identity and character.

By Francesc Rifé




Beam Coffee Table

Beam Central Module

Beam Lateral Module

Beam Individual Sofa

Beam Triple Sofa

Beam Chaiselongue R

Beam Two Seater Sofa

Beam Dining Table 240

Beam Dining Table 300

Beam Pouf

Beam Conversation Chair

Beam Chair

Beam Individual Daybed

Beam Dining Table 160

Beam Dining Table 100

Beam Dining Table 200