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Beam Aluminium

The Beam outdoor aluminium furniture collection is designed with a marked architectural quality. The rectilinear lines of its silhouette and generous volumes lend it an elegant and rational style, made possible by a carefully worked out game of slats and planes of different widths, minutely calculated which create a subtle graphic expression as well as its detailed design lending it character and identity.

Beyond just being an attractive shape another of the features of this outdoor aluminium furniture collection is that it can be customised in any of the RAL colour options. As well as the great versatility it provides for laying out spaces its potential to create different styles from neutral, to sober and relaxing, or indeed more colourful and vibrant distinguishes the Beam collection.

And the perception of Beam changes radically depending on the colour and material of its structure given that the collection is available not just in aluminium but also Iroko timber. A version with a much more organic and a warmer feel, easily complimenting any style ambience with a classically proportioned design

The deep generous seating of the armchairs and the sofas offers greater comfort, underlined by the slight inclination of the backrests. A small carefully thought through detail which also lends a more attractive profile to the design. The generous upholstered volumes are made with a mass-dyed acrylic fabric that ensures a longer life span. The fabrics are laminated and the seams are thermo-sealed which means they are waterproof and provide a barrier to damp penetration. They can also be easily taken off for cleaning given they are removable and require little maintenance.

By Francesc Rifé




Beam Alu Dining Table 240

Beam Alu Dining Table 300

Beam Alu Dining Table 160

Beam Alu Dining Table 100

Beam Alu Chaiselongue L

Beam Alu Chaiselongue R

Beam Alu Pouf

Beam Alu Conversation Chair

Beam Alu Three Seater Sofa

Beam Alu Two Seater Sofa

Beam Alu Coffee Table

Beam Alu Lateral Module L

Beam Alu Laterar Module R

Beam Alu Central Module

Beam Alu Sunbed

Beam Alu Individual Seater Sofa

Beam Alu Chair

Beam Alu Dining Table 200