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N12 is a collection of wire frame furniture that embodies the aesthetic of traditional wicker furniture in a contemporary design made using aluminium. The different elements of the collection come together thanks to the combination of aluminium tubular profile and wire that intersect at points like the way wicker furniture is made. The structure and framework mesh are projected onto the ground, tracing a beautiful pattern of shadows beneath.

The N12 series is not only an elegant collection of wire frame furniture. It is also the first of its type on the market manufactured from aluminium tubular profiles and rods. Tradition and technology come together with this collection that marks an evolutionary advance. Amongst a wide ranging selection of steel used in this type of furniture N12 is a more complex structure of aluminium with practically invisible sleek welded joints. Because of this approach the different elements are lighter and more durable for outdoor conditions. A lightness that contrasts with the resistance and strength of the pieces.

The framework of the seating is designed with a curvature that adapts to the human form and a carefully studied distance between the rods to ensure maximum ergonomic comfort. Slim upholstered cushions can be added to provide even greater comfort. These pieces are made with solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, are laminated and thermo-sealed for resistance to humidity penetration. The cushions are attached to the structure using a clip system that as well as preventing slippage means that they can be taken off easily. And because it can be removed the covers are easy to clean.

The N12 collection of wire frame furniture includes all the elements required for creating outdoor living, dining and bar areas, as well as sun bathing zones using individual and double lounger models. The chairs, stools and loungers are all stackable, which together with their overall lightness makes reconfiguration for contract projects hassle free. Both the colour of the structure and the upholstery is available in different tones to customise outdoor spaces. Designed by Jorge Herrera the N12 collection represents the search for sophisticated elegance through simplicity so characteristic of his work.

By Jorge Herrera




Nº12 Conversation Chair

Nº12 Two Seater Sofa

Nº12 Chair

Nº12 Armchair

Nº12 High Stool

Nº12 Single Sunbed

Nº12 Double Sunbed

Nº12 Round Coffee Table

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