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Oi Pots is our collection of outdoor planters made entirely from aluminium. The series includes five different formats, each of them offering four different size options, with which any number of combinations can be created for decorating garden areas and layouts with parterre like compositions. They include a drainage system for dealing with excess watering as well as a base tray that retains it.

The Oi Pots collection of exterior planters features square shaped models, as well as rectangular and rounded ones. As these are available in different sizes and heights they allow for the design and group composition with varying rhythms using their dimensions, formats and colour options. The cubic and rectangular models can be used to design a linear division of planters with a stylish alternating of heights and even depths.

Beyond their practical applications as outdoor planters for terraces, courtyards and gardens the Oi Pots collection can be used as a very useful tool for sub-dividing and configuring spaces. From creating space dividers on large terraces of contract projects, such as hotels and restaurants, to a device for laying out paths, directing circulation systems and defining zones. The same demarcation quality can be exploited for residential spaces and projects.

Because they are made from aluminium the Oi Pots collection is spectacularly efficient when it comes to being weather proof in the outdoors. However the design allows for them to be equally appropriate for indoor use. Conceived by Oiside Design Studio, the integral and elegant look of this collection is easily styled to suit any space. In addition Oi Pots can be customised by choosing specific any colour from the RAL card, which means that it is also ideal for use in outdoor contract and corporate spaces. The original finish is matt however a gloss or satin finish is also available on order.

By Oiside Design Studio




Oipots Flower Pot Cube 20

OiPots Flower Pot High Cube 20

OiPots Flower Pot Rectangular 20

OiPots Flower Pot Round 20

OiPots High Rounded Pot 20