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Our new collection of outdoor lamps OiCandles, is the ideal accessory for creating a decorative ambience outdoors that lends warmth and a welcoming sensation to these exterior spaces. A collection that includes three options in total that are designed for holding candles or a rechargeable Led light to create a night time inviting atmosphere. While their unique looks convert them into decorative sculptures during the day time.

The three outdoor lamps models included within the OiCandles collection have highly unusual designs providing a range of options that will suit any style ambience being created. On the one hand the R OiCandles have a marked geometric quality, particularly suited to architectural and very structured type spaces. On the other hand the S OiCandles feature a more organic and ethereal design, more appropriate to eclectic and one-of exterior spaces. Then there are the T OiCandles with their crafted aesthetic which makes them ideal for lending an informal, contemporary look to more traditional type outdoor areas.

The R OiCandles outdoor lamps include two options that are sold separately: one in a rounded shape and the other is more rectangular form. They measure 45 cm in height and are made from sheet aluminium with a white opal methacrylate translucent screen. Thanks to their handy size they can be placed on the ground, on a side table or even as a centre piece for a dining table.

The S OiCandles outdoor lamps have a more whimsical design based on a pattern of stainless steel metal bars radiating from a centre point that create an ethereal volume with a marked organic quality like an underwater sea creature. The centre part holds the candle or the Led module which because its source projects light and shadows helps exaggerate this other worldly look. The design is available in three sizes that can be featured completely separate from one another or as a unified composition, for floors or table tops.

The T OiCandles models are very similar to those outdoor lamps made from rattan. The design re-imagines those traditional types of lamps but with a contemporary and minimalist interpretation, given that they are made with metal plate and aluminium sheet. The collection is available in two sizes that can be placed on the ground, on side tables or dining tables, suspended like wall lights or from a more central focal point. This model accommodates candles within its metal base and also offers a double Led source position in the upper or the bottom part.

All of the OiCandles outdoor lamps are compatible with candles providing a softer lighting or with a rechargeable Led source suitable for outdoor use that provides three variable lighting intensities, touch controlled by simply sliding a finger over. A portable model that is charged via a USB Micro and that can last up to 65 hours at its least intense setting and 11 at its most intense.

Both the aluminium and the stainless steel for all the models belonging to the OiCandles collection can be customised in any of the RAL colour chart references, making them easy to integrate within existing and corporate type projects.

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