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Natura is a collection of outdoor furniture with a warm and understated design. The use of iroko wood in its structures, combining flat crossbars and curved joints, conveys the elegance and serenity typical of contemporary Scandinavian design. Corded reinforcements on the seat frames, functioning as backrests and bases, establish a connection between Nordic craftsmanship with intricate details and the exquisite craftsmanship of the Mediterranean.

The Natura Collection boasts a versatile range of outdoor lounges, including individual armchairs, deep sofas with or without chaise longue, and a variety of auxiliary and center tables in different dimensions. This variety of elements allows for various configurations, from small resting areas with individual seats to setups with a more numerous or collective character

The artisanal nature of the corded seat frames makes the armchairs and sofas stand-alone pieces, offering attractive views from all angles. This expands the possibilities for configuring outdoor lounges with the Natura collection, suitable for both residential and contract spaces.

Furthermore, the tables are available in different heights, sizes, and tabletop formats. This natural-looking material comes in various finishes and tones.

The Natura collection has been designed for outdoor lounges seeking to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, with its structural parts in light wood, soft-toned fabrics, and natural finishes. However, despite being crafted with materials specifically selected for excellent outdoor performance, the design also fits seamlessly into interior environments.

The Natura collection is a design by Francesc Rifé for OISIDE, who has also contributed to another of our outdoor collections in iroko wood: Beam. This collection, however, features a design with a distinct architectural inspiration, more suitable for projecting sober and rational spaces.

By Francesc Rifé




Natura Individual sofa

Natura Sofa L

Natura Sofa R

Natura Chaise Lounge R Natura

Natura Chaise Lounge L Natura

Natura Rectangular coffee table

Natura Round coffee table D60

Natura Round coffee table D90

Natura Round coffee table D40

Natura Conversation table D40