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Our collection of Gandula folding deckchairs is an improved take on the typical canvas and wood beach deckchairs so much a part of the Mediterranean landscape. In fact the collection owes its name to the popular name in Spain for deckchairs found in the northern area of the Mediterranean, literally translated as lazy or leisurely. Maintaining the essence of this traditional design the OISIDE gandulas feature more light-weight and resistant materials. A more efficient and up-to-date version of a classic, conceived by our own design department.

The frames of these folding deckchairs belonging to the Gandula collection are available in aluminium, iroko timber or a combination of both. The materials themselves are extremely hard wearing and resistant for use in exterior environments but are in addition treated with a water-based varnish and a powder coated paint finish, respectively, for improving their performance under the sun, as well as for humid conditions exposure to the salt sea air. So that even though they are foldable deckchairs that can easily be handled and stored, they can also be left permanently exposed to the elements. And given that the materials are lighter than the traditional ones their portability is even more manageable.

Another innovation is the use of aluminium which provides the possibility of bringing colour to the structural frames for their design. This feature means that the colours of the fabric and the frames can be played with which includes the option of using wood creating very distinctive and customised models.

When it comes to the textiles used for the canvas part a pleasantly tactile high-tech fabric is used, specially recommended for use outdoors thanks to its resistance and superior performance when exposed to sunlight and humidity. It is thermo-sealed at the ends in order to reinforce the joining with the frame. In addition it is mesh based so that air can pass through allowing it to breathe and avoid the full blown ‘sail effect’.

The folding deckchairs of our Gandula collection are available in single and double versions. They offer four positions to recline the backrest and feature a lock system that prevents the frames from suddenly collapsing. The collection is completed with a side table and a support stand that allows four deckchairs to be stored in a surprisingly small space.

By Oiside Design Studio




Individual ALU+ALU+ALU Gandula

Individual MAD+ALU+ALU Gandula

Individual MAD+MAD+MAD Gandula

Double MAD+MAD+MAD Gandula

Double MAD+ALU+ALU Gandula

Double ALU+ALU+ALU Gandula