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Eterna is our outdoor kitchen model from the OiCook collection with a more industrial, modular and light aesthetic. Its design is based on a single module size, whose structure has a mesh shelf at the base that exposes its entire lower half. This not only accentuates its lighter and more industrial character compared to the other OiCook designs, but also makes it more accessible and easier to assemble, even by the user himself.

The design of the Eterna outdoor kitchen module can be customized by leaving the countertop free, as a work surface, or incorporating different cooking elements and a sink. It measures 120 x 78 cm, so with just two elements you can compose a kitchen of 240cm long with all the basic necessities, including the possibility of adding two drawer unit refrigerators with a capacity of 240L.

Under the counter, there is a storage area in the form of drawers which, in turn, contributes to refining its aesthetics as an outdoor kitchen, since it helps to hide the facilities of the water and cooking equipment. Its face, as well as the entire structure of the module and the lower mesh shelf, are made of aluminium and can be customized in any colour on the RAL chart.

The countertop, however, is made of MDI porcelain material, available in five different finishes. A material resistant to both the harsh exposure to the weather that an outdoor kitchen experiences as well as cuts, stains and splashes from cooking. It can be equipped with a ceramic hob, barbecue or teppanyaki plate from Barazza, accessories made in AISI 316 thick stainless steel, especially for exteriors.

In addition, one of the most functional, elegant and understated details of Eterna is that the sink is made entirely of stainless steel and incorporates a folding faucet and a lid, allowing it to be kept hidden to take advantage of that space as a surface when its not in use. It also prevents dirt from entering the bucket, an extra feature that is appreciated in an outdoor kitchen.

By Oiside Design Studio




Eterna Worktop Module

Eterna Sink R Module

Eterna Sink L Module

Eterna Teppanyaki R Module

Eterna Teppanyaki L Module

Eterna Barbecue R Module

Eterna Barbecue L Module

Eterna Ceramic Stove R Module

Eterna Ceramic Stove L Module

Eterna Teppanyaki L + Barbecue R Module

Eterna Teppanyaki R + Barbecue L Module

Eterna Teppanyaki L + Ceramic Stove R Module

Eterna Teppanyaki R + Ceramic Stove L Module

Eterna Barbecue L + Ceramic Stove R Module

Eterna Double Teppanyaki Module

Eterna Double Barbecue Module

Eterna Double Ceramic Stove Module

Eterna Fridge Module