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Elements is a collection of modular furniture that consists of three separate pieces allowing multiple compositions of seating which can easily be arranged in different ways thus adapting to individual needs and programmes for each situation. Thanks to its design of deep seating modules and low height it’s the perfect collection for creating relaxation areas, stylish outdoor living areas and places to chill.

The design of Elements was developed in a technical way so as to allow different layout options for the modular furniture resulting in a versatile and easily adapted format. The modules are joined with a clip that is fixed below the pieces to combine them together. A hidden system that is user friendly and allows for easy re-arrangement of the pieces, simply by lifting the modules and separating the clips.

With only the seating, backrest and armrest modules the number of combinations that can be achieved with Elements is literally limitless: from individual armchairs, chaise longues and loungers, to two-seater sofas or whatever length sofa required. For these pieces the configuration can be L or U shaped, or alternatively a free-standing island with backrests in the centre, so that it can be used from all sides. Elements allows for any of these layouts to be arranged with a simple lifting movement.

The collection is completed with a side table in square or rectangular format, available in an aluminium board structure, that can be customised in any of the RAL colours or with HPL and Dekton worktops. The rectilinear angles and monolithic look of this modular furniture collection contrasts with the sensation of lightness that the recessed slider supports provide the base, as well as the comfort of the seating elements that is provided by three types of stuffing material covered with raw cotton. The upholstery is made of a technical fabric, pleasant to the touch, designed for outdoors and contract use that includes an additional protection against germs, scuffing and stains; simply use a damp cloth for cleaning.

Elements, designed by Oiside Design Studio, is a collection conceived for allowing attractive configurations of outdoor furniture landscapes to be created thanks to the different height seating, backrest and armrest modules but also thanks to the upholstery and side table options that can be customised to order.

By Oiside Design Studio




Elements Square Coffee Table

Elements Rectangule coffee Table

Elements Base Module 100

Elements Backup Module

Elements Armrest Module

Elements Base Module 200