Oiside - Outdoor Furniture


OISIDE is a Spanish firm specialising in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture for contract and residential projects. Innovative, sustainable and sophisticated furniture with clever detailing thanks to the talent of our designers. We conceive collections that look to the future, an approach that defines their look, durability and quality. Because a lasting furniture collection, with a timeless aesthetic is the best way to create furniture both for people and the planet.

Furniture for future

Over our 20 years of experience in the outdoor furniture sector, innovating and ongoing improvement has been our inspiration. We are constantly developing new finishes and systems that lend greater resistance to the materials and upholstery used in our collections. A rigorous and expert manufacturing carried out entirely in Spain allowing us to offer custom made collections that are greatly appreciated by architects and designers.

With the future in mind

Our search for excellence in outdoor furniture is based on design projects inspired by usability and respect for the environment. Designs that are sophisticated and intelligent both with respect to looks and technical performance. Furniture with character that avoids passing trends with attractive details and finishes. Timeless future classic pieces: innovative, technically advanced and sustainable. Furniture that responds to today’s needs but also with an eye to the future allowing them to become part of a recycled productive chain at the end of their life span.

Quality, a sustainable value

We research finishes and innovative systems that allow us to offer superior quality and durability in outdoor settings with regards to sun exposure, humidity and corrosive environments. Our determination to use only the best materials both for the structural elements as well as the upholstery forms part of our commitment to sustainable practices: Hard wearing furniture avoiding unnecessary waste and the consumption of finite resources.

From the Mediterranean to the world

We are of the Mediterranean. We live most of our lives on terraces, in courtyards and gardens. So we take the design and layout of these outdoor spaces very seriously. With OISIDE we design our collections based on this experience and this very carefully considered perspective on spending quality time outside, creating comfortable and warm ambiences but which are also very stylish. A re-imagined version of the Mediterranean tradition conceived from a contemporary international designer viewpoint.

Our skills at your service

What really determines the perception of creating a special space that is made to measure is the level of customisation and the unique detailing. Our team’s accumulated knowledge allows us to adapt and customise the various elements of our collections according to the materials, dimensions and palette of colours for each project or space. We work with architects and designers to make your projects a reality whether it be of a contract or residential character.