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The 45 collection is one of our most complete and versatile furniture series for designing outdoor ambiences. A collection of modern furniture featuring aluminium with a timeless aesthetic, perfect for addressing any of the needs that might arise from setting up an outdoor space. It includes four chair modules that provide infinite possible combinations for living areas, five families of tables, four options in chairs, two high stools, a bench and a lounger. The perfect collection for designing contemporary settings thanks to the clean lines of its elements.

With four seating modules the 45 collection offers the possibility of configuring living spaces and relaxation areas with numerous possible layouts. The series includes deep chairs with armrests, a corner module that can be used either on the left or right to complete a sofa layout, a middle module as well as an ottoman. With these four elements numerous types of seating can be constructed: from two-seater sofas to much longer structures, using the ottoman as a way of extending the seating at the end or as a chaise longue. Not forgetting the ottoman added to a corner module or the armchair creates a free standing chaise longue. The corner module can also work as an armchair.

The textiles for the upholstered elements are made from solution-dyed acrylic fabrics that maintain their colour and are highly resistant to inclement weather conditions. They are laminated and sewn with thermo-sealed seams making them waterproof and resistant to humidity penetration. They include a lining of high-tech fabric that allows the textiles to breathe, improving the comfort of the upholstered seating elements. In addition they are removable to make cleaning easier. The 45 collection offers optional trim detailing in a separate colour if desired, to the main colour of the upholstered elements.

The tables present another interesting aspect of this versatile collection of modern furniture. They are stackable, organised into five families: low coffee tables, square and rectangular dining tables in six different sizes, high bar tables and an extendible table model in two dimensions up to one metre in length. Depending on the required length one or two side table tops can be joined, up to half a metre each coupled underneath the main table top surface. The structures for all tables are made of aluminium, while the tops are made from HPL laminate (High Pressure Laminated), available in a range of colour options.

This modern furniture series for outdoors is complimented by four types of chairs, two options in high stools, a bench and a lounger. The two models of stackable chairs, with and without armrests, are made from aluminium using an ergonomic self-supporting mesh fabric that is thermo-sealed to reinforce its adherence to the base structure. The lounger features these same materials. It is also stackable and can be reclined in four different positions with a design that keeps its wheels stylishly out of view. The two foldable models with and without the backrest grooves, as well as the high stools and the bench are made entirely in aluminium. Designed by Miguel Ángel García the collection is named 45° after the structural profiles used at specific points of some of the pieces.

By Miguel Ángel García




45 Armchair

45 Center Sofa Unit

45 Corner L&R Sofa Unit

45 Ottoman Sofa unit

45 Low Table

45 Sunbed

45 Backrest High Stool

45 High Stool

45 Square Table 70×70

45 Square Table 120×120

45 Square Table 100×100

45 Square Table 90×90

45 Square Table 80×80

45 Rectangular Table 120×60

45 Rectangular Table 140×70

45 Rectangular Table 200×100

45 Rectangular Table 180×90

45 Rectangular Table 160×80

45 Rectangular Table 160×120

45 Extensible Table 90

45 Extensible Table 100

45 High Table

45 Chair

45 Bench

45 Individual Sofa

45 Square Table 60×60