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Drums is a collection of side tables for the outdoors with attractive geometric inspired designs. The collection includes three original format bases, each one in a different size top, available also in three different materials: aluminium, iroko wood and a solid ultracompacted surface in natural stone. Nine versions in total that to gether with the various colour options for the collection offer a versatile selection of options capable of being used in very different style projects and are especially compatible for spaces that feature other OISIDE collections by matching the materials featured by the brand

The geometric structures for the bases of the Drums side tables are made from aluminium and stainless steel; and so their impressive appearance contrasts with their weight: more light-weight that they appear at first sight, but equally very sturdy. These bases are available in three formats: cylindrical, conical and frustoconical (truncated cone). The first two are available in heights of 40 cm while the third one is 50 cm in height. This allows for the combination of several models at different heights which thanks to their weight are easily moved around and reconfigured.

In the same way the diameter of the side table tops is different according to the different base formats: the cylindrical one measures 40 cm, the conical one measures 70 cm and the frustoconical one measures 60 cm. They can be disassembled, apart from the one made entirely of aluminium, so that the various parts are inter-changeable. The three materials used for the tops together with the three options for the diameter and different formats and heights of the bases result in the possibility of creating numerous compositions featuring bespoke rhythms and a richness in finishes, colours and textures

Designed by Francesc Rifé the side tables of the Drums collection offer great performance and durability in outdoor settings but because of their good looks are equally appropriate for indoor spaces.

By Francesc Rifé




Drums Cylindrical Base Table

Drums Conical Base Table

Drums Troncoconical Base Table