Oiside - Information about our materials[it:]Oiside - Informazioni sui nostri materiali


We are making greater efforts than ever when it comes to designing our collections featuring a selection of high performing materials, fabrics and finishes, only using the best and most prestigious suppliers on the market. A selection that allows us to offer only the highest quality and durability when it comes to our outdoor furniture, combating the deterioration that comes with constant use and inclement weather. It’s part of our commitment to sustainability because a longer lasting and more resistant furniture means less frequent replacing and therefore unnecessary consumption.


In the manufacture of our outdoor furniture we use aluminium and iroko timber, two hard wearing and sustainable materials which are complimented with an additional finish that improves on their resistance to inclement weather.

The powder paint finish that we apply to our collections is made using aluminium and has been awarded with a Qualicoat Class 2 certification. The certification as an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) product guarantees respect for the environment and offers greater durability, avoiding colour degradation in tone and brightness over the long term. Similarly we have verified its effectiveness in our furniture when exposed to corrosive sea air, awarded with ENAC accreditation after Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber Testing. All of our collections made with aluminium can be customised to order using any colour from the RAL colour card.

With regards to the iroko timber it is also a very durable and resistant material in humid conditions and under exposure to fungal attack and insects. To improve upon its already impressive performance OISIDE also protects the surfaces of all the collections using a water based varnish that allows wood to breathe and protects against UV light.


With OISIDE we choose the fabrics used for our upholstered elements under an exhaustive selection process from specialised contemporary textile manufacturers for outdoors that offer greater comfort and guarantee. Our upholstery is waterproofed and water repellent as well as incorporating treatments against scuffing, bacteria, stains and mould.

And in addition the fabrics are used for the different elements of the collections in such a way that they are easy to remove for cleaning purposes, or else we employ textiles that can be cleaned hassle free using simply a damp cloth. In addition are provided with a silicone laminate sheet within and feature thermo-sealed seams to guarantee resistance to dampness reaching their filling material.

Depending on the design of the collection we use vinyl treated textiles from renowned firms such as Spradling, or solution-dyed acrylic fabrics from firms like Sunbrella. In all cases these high-tech fabrics are the best ones on the market when it comes to maintaining their colour under continual exposure to the elements.

Table tops

For our tables in addition to aluminium and iroko timber we use laminated HPL (High Pressure Laminated) panels and solid ultra-compacted surfaces that offer a high resistance to external conditions and inclement weather. The laminated panels are manufactured using resins and natural fibres, compacted under high pressure and certified for use outdoors. As well as the technical qualities for withstanding exterior conditions the panels include a decorative surface with a great variety of finishes available which means that they can be easily customised.

In the same vein the solid ultra-compacted surfaces have excellent anti-expansion and thermal shock properties, are resistant to humidity, freezing conditions, breakage, scratches and stains. The designs with multiple style and colour options, allow for a great degree of customisation for the OISIDE collections.

Guarantee and maintenance

OISIDE offers five years warranty covering any manufacture or material related defect, always subject to the normal conditions of use and maintenance. Damage resulting from normal wear and tear during use is not included, nor is damage inflected on the products.

For the optimum maintenance clean with water and a neutral soap avoiding at all costs aggressive detergents and bleach, solvents, high pressure cleaners, dry cleaning, dryers and ironing at high temperatures. It is not advisable to cover the products, as this may favour the accumulation of moisture inside and the creation of agents that may deteriorate the materials.