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Penda is one of our most elegant and contemporary designs for configuring outdoor areas. A complete collection of garden furniture with a design that is characterised by its combination of different formats and structures, a mixture of aluminium profiles including flat plates, tubular and rectangular sections creating a balanced sensation of togetherness and continuity. It also worth noting the clean lines and impeccable joints, achieved through the application of the latest mechanisation technology.

In addition the various elements of the Penda series feature attractive and well proportioned juxtaposed materials, bringing together aluminium, iroko timber, solid ultra-compacted surfaces and fabric elements. In this way the chairs, armchairs and sofas include an elegant timber armrest piece that lends an extra dimension of quality to the aluminium structure. In turn the armchairs and sofas are provided with a hand-corded backing that lends a tantalising view of the pieces from behind, making them particularly suitable when placed free-standing.

The upholstered pieces of this collection of garden furniture, with their marked rectilinear silhouette, underline the contemporary look of the Penda series. The benches and stools belonging to the collection are particularly noteworthy for their clean lines, rationalist in style. All of the upholstered parts, as well as the corded backing, are made using solution-dyed acrylic fabrics which results in greater colour retention and resistance. The textiles are laminated and have thermo-sealed seams so are waterproofed and prevent internal damp penetration. In addition they are removable to allow for easy cleaning.

The Penda collection is completed with a series of side tables, coffee tables and dining tables, the tops of which can be iroko timber or customised in a solid ultra-compacted surface. These elements should not distract form the unique design of the aluminium pedestal base which can be disassembled. Designed by Francesc Rifé the Penda series is ideal for use as garden furniture, but can also be used for terraces and larger contract outdoor areas for hotels, bars and restaurants.

By Oiside Design Studio




Penda Individual Sofa

Penda Bench 2 People

Penda Bench 3 People

Penda Dinning Table 160

Penda Dinning Table 240

Penda Rectangular Coffe Table 110

Penda Rectangular Coffe Table 140

Penda Coffe Table

Penda Pouf

Penda Chair

Penda Two Seater Sofa

Penda Three Seater Sofa

Penda Sunbed

Penda Individual Armchair

Penda Corner

Penda 160R Sofa

Penda 160L Sofa