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Twist is a collection of corded furniture that offers a delicate and very elegant contrast between its light-weight character and the solidity of its volumes. First conceived in 2010 by the British designer Mark Gabbertas the innovative design has greatly inspired ever since, representing a trend for research into new materials and the craft knowledge that the cording process requires.

The Twist collection is made from corded furniture and a series of tables with a meticulously designed aesthetic designed to recreate a sensation of floating surfaces and visual lightness. To achieve that end the seating, chairs, sofas and stools are provided with a corded frame while the structure for the tables creates a sensation of table tops floating in space. All of which together with the slim profiles of the structures and other elements combined with the reduced thickness of the table tops allows for stylish outdoor areas to be created.

The design of the corded furniture is inspired by the woven framework of a traditional wicker basket. This attractive material used to create the double weft, stretched between both sides of its aluminium structure, of considerable width, is somewhere between a cord and a band. Combined with the carefully conceived arrangement of the cords this approach provides an ergonomic feel to the Twist collection seating. These cords as well as the textiles of the upholstered pieces are made from an acrylic solution-dyed fabric that ensures good colour retention as well as being extremely resistant to use outdoors. The fabrics used for the upholstered elements are laminated and thermo-sealed, meaning that they are waterproof and prevent humidity from reaching the filling material. They are also removable so they can be cleaned more easily. The collection is completed by a lounger that is also made with a framework of cords as its base structure made with highly resistant acrylic fabric bands.

Nevertheless the carefully designed light-weight aluminium structure of the tables can withstand the weight of the tops made with a robust ultra-compacted surface with a choice of either solid colour or natural stone finishes. The thin profile and positioning, lightly raised over the supporting legs, looks as if they are floating in place. Twist includes three coffee table models, three sizes of rectangular and round dining tables respectively, as well as two square options.

By Mark Gabbertas




Twist Two Seater Sofa

Twist Coffee Table 80×80

Twist Coffee Table 60×80

Twist Dining Table 100×240

Twist Conversation Table D104

Twist Dinning Table D120

Twist Dinning Chair

Twist Dinning Table 120×120

Twist Dinning Table 70

Twist Conversation Chair

Twist High Stool

Twist Sunbed

Twist Dinning Table 100×300

Twist Dinning Table 100×180


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