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45, versatile furniture for outdoor living spaces with timeless appeal.

It is the most versatile collection of OISIDE. A complete series of furniture with a seductive timeless aesthetic, designed to solve any requirement of an outdoor space.

With its large array of elements there is literally no space that cannot be designed with the 45 collection. It includes four modules of seating that allow for infinite configurations and combinations for living areas, five families of tables, four options in chairs, two high stools, a bench and a lounger.

The collection owes its name to the 45° angle of the structural profiles used at specific points of some of the pieces. Its timeless design makes it the ideal collection for creating contemporary outdoor spaces, but equally compliments other styles. 45 is a doubly versatile collection, both in the choice of elements and their looks.

The colour of the 45 collection aluminium structural elements can be customises in any o the RAL colour card options, as can the fabrics and the table tops. Special dimensions are also possible to order.

Miguel Ángel García is a technical engineer specialising in industrial and product design, he has worked on the development of projects together with companies like OISIDE as well as managing his own project: Pott. A small firm whose projects combine traditional pottery techniques with new design and manufacturing processes, creating unique innovative pieces that represent an evolutionary advance for traditional pottery.