Oiside » MIX RESTAURANT DUBAI by Alain Ducasse



Architecture Studio: Clavel Arquitectos

Collection: mobiliario diseñado a medida por Oiside Design Studio

Photo Credits: David Frutos

Luxury, sophistication and surprise are the concepts behind Clavel Arquitectos design for Mr. Ducasse avant garde cuisine.

A giant egg, inspired in Fabergé famous jewelry art pieces (20 meters high by 10 meters in diameter) is the main feature of the restaurant, crossing and relating its three levels.

Designers used a reduced palette of materials and minimum decoration Their approach to the project was more about a designing a museum rather than a classic restaurant.

The MIX restaurant is like a galactic scene, a space between materiality and immateriality; between dream and reality. Oversized golden egg is floating in the center of the space and is the feature that presides and brings energy to this area.

Beyond the dining hall, the terraces allow to sit in an exterior space surrounded by amazing views of Dubai skyline from the Palm. The terrace is a flexible space that can be adapted according to the weather and uses required by the customers.

Furniture is arranged thoughtful and efficiently to create a flowing circulation for the guests and the waiters and most of these pieces have been designed exclusively for this restaurant.