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TWIST, an innovative contemporary revision of corded furniture.

The innovative material used for the hand crafted corded structure is the main element of this collection meticulously designed to evoke a sensation of weightlessness and visual lightness.

Conceived in 2010 by British designer Mark Gabbertas the innovative design of the TWIST collection has been instrumental in providing inspiration ever since, starting a trend in the use of an inventive acrylic fabrics for the corded element, inspired by the weave of traditional wicker baskets.

TWIST is a collection offering a delicate and elegant contrast between the lightweight character of the pieces and the solidity of the volumes. The seating and the lounger feature the corded technique while the tables are provided with slim line tops that appear to be elevated above the legs, as if floating over them.

TWIST is available in a series of set colours and sizes which OISIDE can customise in other tones and dimensions to order. The table tops can be selected in solid block colours or in natural stone finishes.

The work of the British designer Mark Gabbertas is defined by its unusual capacity to generate designs with a very individual character, and at the same time a majestic simplicity. Its style is reflected by its rigorous search for highly functional solutions, resolved with a very unique timeless aesthetic that far from being one dimensional connect with the user’s emotions on a deeper level.