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Oiside outdoor collections: a racing Sunday

The speed, the roar of the engines and the Oiside style came together in the VIP Village of Moto GP in Valencia.

Oiside was in charge of dressing the VIP Village of the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Cheste, during the MotoGP races that took place from November 4 to 6, 2022.

Although it may not seem a likely association, speed and calm can merge into a perfect symbiosis. This was demonstrated by Oiside, creating different spaces for relaxation and comfort, where VIP attendees could pleasantly enjoy everything that happened on the track, through giant screens.

To do this, Oiside made a careful selection of its different collections of outdoor furniture, which are characterized by their design, excellent quality, and material resistance. The goal was to arrange the elements in order to create different environments. The versatility of the furniture helped create an explosion of colours, materials, and finishes.

In front of a large screen, multiple folding Gandula Hammocks from Oiside Design Studio were arranged, in various shades. The guests were able to relax both in the individual models and in its double version, created to be enjoyed in couple.

In areas close to the bars, different N12 stools and tables were placed, designed by Jorge Herrera, which transfer the aesthetics of traditional wicker furniture to a contemporary design made of aluminium.

Finally, chill out areas were created by installing islands of sofas and side tables from different collections: the Elements and Linea sofa sets from Oiside Design Studio; the Beam collection by Francesc Rifé, in both the iroko and aluminium versions.

With its selection, Oiside managed to give the event a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere that contributed to creating a relaxed and VIP surrounding.