OISIDE : Ava | Mobili da esterno in stile mediterraneo


Ava is an outdoor furniture collection with a Mediterranean style and an evocative character that is transmitted especially through the presence, in the structure of the seats, of an element made of rope, inspired by latticework. The collection balances, through this unique ropework, the roundness and solidity of its shapes, providing lightness whilst harmonizing and reinforcing the core geometry of Ava’s design.

The evocative role of this stringed element has such power, that it is what shifts the aesthetics of the entire collection towards a Mediterranean style, always in harmony with the contrasting base geometry of its different pieces. His allusion to a constructive element with as much character as the lattices leaves no room for doubt and also invites a feature location of the seating to allow the visualization of such suggestive detail.

Designed by the architecture studio of the Valencian Carles Faus, in correspondence with this combination of geometry and Mediterranean style, Ava is a collection of contrasts, alternating smooth surfaces with curves, strong shapes with lightness, large volumes upholstered with light structures, and industrial materials with warm and natural materials.

The Ava collection includes various types of seats (sofas, armchair, dining chair and a stool), as well as different types of tables (dining room, centre, side and high bar types).

The repertoire is completed by a lounger and a rocker, a piece that contributes even more to the design of that playful and relaxed atmosphere, typical of the Mediterranean style.

The structures of the different pieces of Ava are made using a combination of plate and aluminum tube, except for the conical or cylindrical shape of the table bases, which are made of sheet metal of the same material. They include details, envelopes and other elements in wood of iroko, which provide the warmth and comfort of the Mediterranean style in certain points of its design, such as in the armrests of the seats.

The collection offers different customization options. On the one hand, all parts of aluminum can be made in any shade of the RAL chart. On the other, the tabletops are available in iroko wood as well as in HPL, Dekton and aluminium.

Di Carles Faus




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