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OiCook is a modular collection of outdoor kitchens whose design is inspired by the look and finish of indoors kitchens. A design that takes its cues from current trends in the layout of contemporary outside spaces, that recreates a visual and material continuity between inside and outside. The finishes and worktop, in a porcelain material help to forge this singular aesthetic while embellishing the outdoor spaces used for cooking.

The OiCook outdoor kitchens provide two fully equipped options. On the one hand the One Side series is a conventional wall supported installation. And the other, the Island series allows for a free standing installation with a cantilevered worktop, like a bar that works really well for social gatherings.

Both options share the same modules and accessories, providing the same configurations either against a wall or free standing.

The range of OiCook outdoor kitchens includes four types of modules: two for storage (one with two compartments and another with two drawers and a compartment), an under sink module with a drawer and a compartment, odule for cooking (The Cooking accessories avalaible are Barbecue, Teppanyaky and Ceramic Stove) washing up sink, tap and 132 Lt capacity fridge with integrated panel.

All of which allows for multiple configurations, depending on the layout of the outdoor space and individual requirements.

The materials used for these models together with the accessories for the outdoor kitchens collection have been carefully selected not only to evoke the aesthetic of an indoor kitchen but also to provide resistance to the elements. In addition all materials conform to sustainable criteria and are environmentally friendly given their extreme strength, and are easy to recycle.

The structure of the modules is aluminium, while the panels and worktop are made from a porcelain material (MDI) available in four different finishes that are highly resistant to the elements as well as scratches, stains and cooking splashes. The cupboard doors can be fully pulled out thanks to a system of guide rails, the best option given that there is no reliable alternative for exterior grade hinges.

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