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Oi Candles: 3 designs, 3 different styles

OISIDE designs for furnishing poolside surrounds are elegant and comfortable in equal measure.

At night the OI CANDLES outdoor lamps provide a warm and welcoming illumination that works well for exterior spaces whether they use candles or a rechargeable Led light source, the intensity of which can be controlled. Practical and handy lamps that function especially well in exterior spaces that don’t have outdoor electrical points.

By day their unusual design takes on a different aspect, becoming an attractive decorative addition. Three different styles: geometric, organic and contemporary traditional, that provide the ideal accessory for architectural, unconventional, eclectic and outdoor spaces that exude calm.

Both the aluminium and the stainless steel OI CANDLES outdoor lamp models can be customised in any of the RAL colour chart options making them easy to integrate with existing and more corporate type outdoors projects.

OISIDE develops its collections in collaboration with recognised and talented designers and architects as well as its own design team. Innovative designs, both in terms of technical performance and aesthetics, with sophisticated and timeless pieces featuring clever detailing. This same team is responsible for researching new finishes and systems to improve the resistance of OISIDE materials and upholstery.