Oiside » Blog » DRUMS is a collection of side tables with an impacting geometric design.

DRUMS is a collection of side tables with an impacting geometric design.

Designed to make an impression. Suitable for both individual use or as a grouping the impacting and attractive geometric design of the Drums side tables is guaranteed to be noticed.

The three eye-catching bases for the DRUMS collection can be chosen to combine with the table tops in aluminium, iroko timber or sold ultra-compacted natural stone effect. Nine versions that together with the different colour tones offered by the collection make for a very versatile stylish variety of options.

The diameter of the different tops depends on the base: the cylindrical one measures 40 cm while the conical one measures 70 cm, and the frustoconical base table measures 60 cm across. The first two are both 40 cm in height and the latter 50 cm off the ground. All of which means that creating compositions featuring bespoke rhythms, richness in finish, colour and texture is made easy.

The DRUMS collection offers a series of default colour tones, sizes and finishes that OISIDE can further customise according to the needs of individual projects, in any RAL colour card choice, as well as other finishes and sizes.

Authentic in their expression, architectural and minimalist in style the designs of Francesc Rifé are noteworthy for their meticulous and elegant structural details and design. He has had his own studio in Barcelona since 1994 specialising in interior design and industrial design projects as well as ephemeral stands and art direction, his work has been recognised with numerous national and international awards.