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BEAM, a collection with a marked architectural quality

The Beam collection originally launched in Iroko timber is now also available in aluminium. A material that allows for greater customisation in any of the RAL colour card options.

Designed by Francesc Rifé, the attractive look of the various elements of the BEAM collection are inspired by a carefully worked out game of slats and planes of different widths designed to suggest a subtle graphic quality together with its minutely detailed stylish aesthetic.

The new version in aluminium provides even greater options for customisation thanks to its availability in any RAL card colour, showcasing the versatility of the collection when creating spaces which as well as being capable of being neutral, sober and elegant can be colourful and vibrant or laid back depending on the chosen colour.

Made up of several elements including sofas, armchairs, chairs and loungers together with side tables and dining tables the BEAM collection allows for the creation of stylish outdoor living and dining areas as well as chill-out areas with loungers.

Authentic in their expression, architectural and minimalist in style the designs of Francesc Rifé are noteworthy for their meticulous and elegant structural details and design. He has had his own studio in Barcelona since 1994 specialising in interior design and industrial design projects as well as ephemeral stands and art direction, his work has been recognised with numerous national and international awards.