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VIOLET, spectacular outdoor furniture of angular and exaggerated volumes.

Angular with exaggerated volumes. This defines Violet, the spectacular collection of outdoor furniture with a unique design featuring over-sized proportions and asymmetrical forms.

Featuring angular tubular profile aluminium structures the design of the VIOLET seating is characterised by the use of a wrap around high-tech exterior grade fabric that provides them with over-sized backrest volumes and ergonomic forms. A unique use of nautical grade fabrics with a spectacular end result.

The asymmetry of the tables on the other hand provides the perfect dialogue with the angular seating. The collection is completed with a rocking chair that is undoubtedly one of VIOLET’s highlights. It also includes a trolley with a playful design that seems to visually defy gravity.

The structural elements and the fabrics can be chosen in different colours making dual colour combinations possible. In fact the entire collection can be customised both in terms of dimensions and any colour choice from the RAL card.

The work of designer duo Andrea Radice and Folco Orlandini is distinguished by its very peculiar personal style based on the one hand a conception of design as an emotional experience and on the other, a desire to be original. Because of that the projects of this Milan based practice are characterised by their unique and distinctive approach, not just formally and aesthetically but also when it comes to production and ergonomics.