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Sunbaths are back, sunbeds are back

Oiside’s selection of sun loungers combines design, style and comfort to enjoy the summer.

Summer is coming and with it, the desire to lie down in the open air and watch the evening fall in a horizontal position. Expert in furnishing outdoor spaces with contemporary design proposals, Oiside presents a selection of sun loungers that exude the Mediterranean essence of the brand and stand out for the detail of the finishes and the selection of materials: aluminium and iroko wood duly treated to resist well the UV and sea breeze effects, and waterproof, easy-to-clean upholstery.

One of the most casual proposals to enjoy the summer season is the GANDULA, deckchair, a rereading of the classic folding canvas and wood deckchair that adapts well to spaces with different styles. Designed by Oiside Design Studio, it is available in a single (68 cm) or double (125 cm) version, and the structure can combine aluminium and iroko timber.

For more sober environments, there is a variety of straight-line loungers to choose from. Among the novelties, the PENDA, model by Francesc Rifé stands out: the suggestive aluminium structure of the base and its rectangular presence evoke architectural rationalism. The 45 ounger belongs to the Miguel Ángel García collection and stands out for its timeless and versatile character. The LINEA lounger by Oiside has an elegant square cut profile and can be customized, like most Oiside furniture (changing the colour of the structure can give the lounger a more casual look).

Playing with the rounded shapes and symmetry we find the PARC, lounger, designed by Bambú Studio. This model incorporates wheels, such as the TWIST, a hammock that can be recognized by the stringing of its base, the element that distinguishes the collection signed by Mark Gabbertas. The N12, lounger, by Jorge Herrera Studio, stands out for its wire frame structure, made of tubular aluminium profiles and rods, and the combination of cushions that wants to pay tribute to wicker furniture. The N12 is also available in single and double format (170 cm), for those who want to enjoy sunbathing in company.

The Oiside sun loungers are stackable, which together with their overall lightness makes it easier to move them according to the path of the sun and to create personalized chill out areas in the garden or around the pool. The colour of the structure and the upholstery is available in different tones for a sunbath to your liking.