Oiside » PENDA is a stylishly designed contemporary collection for configuring outdoor spaces.

PENDA is a stylishly designed contemporary collection for configuring outdoor spaces.

The different forms that make up the structure together with the mix of materials lend the PENDA collection a unique design with a stylised aesthetic.

The upholstered elements of the PENDA collection with its marked rectilinear volumes underline its contemporary aesthetic, bringing a rationalist style aspect, especially for the benches and loungers.

Designed by Francesc Rifé the PENDAcollection is a surprising combination of different formats with structural elements that alternate flat plates, tubular and rectangular sections in aluminium creating a sensation of completeness and continuity. The imperceptible and perfectly executed joints are the result of the latest mechanised technology.

In addition the elements of the PENDA collection combine an attractive mix of materials, combining aluminium, iroko timber, solid ultra-compactedsurfaces and fabric covered parts. The armchairs and sofas include a cordedbacking structure, made by hand offering a tantalising view from any angle.

The PENDA collection is available in a range of default colours, textilesand dimensions, however OISIDE can adapt and customise these options according to requirements; both sizes and the colour palette depending on the project or space.

Authentic in their expression, architectural and minimalist in style the designs of Francesc Rifé are noteworthy for their meticulous and elegant structural details and design. He has had his own studio in Barcelona since 1994 specialising in interior design and industrial design projects as well as ephemeral stands and art direction, his work has been recognised with numerous national and international awards.