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PANAMA, craft inspiration in a contemporary idiom.

Designed to make an impression. Suitable for both individual use or as a grouping the impacting and attractive geometric design of the Drums side tables is guaranteed to be noticed.

Observing the collection in greater detail the similarity between the different forms of the rod structures belonging to the Panama series over which the wicker work is woven are easy to identify, whether that be the seating backrests or the bases for the tables.

The inspiration is even more evident for the sofa and armchair backing because in their case a strap is woven between the rods in the lower areas in just the same way as wicker is used for hand made objects featuring this same natural fibre. A clear source of inspiration that is subtly expressed by being reinterpreted in a contemporary design language.

The colours for the structures, the fabrics and the sizes of the various elements of the PANAMA collection can be customised using any one of the RAL colour card choices, as with the textiles and specific dimensions.

Based in Milan the practice founded by the design partnership Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli specialises both in product design projects and strategic industrial design consultancy. Their work process, a combination of lateral and emotive thinking, is responsible for open ended design proposals which at the same time manage to exude a seductive aesthetic appeal.