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OiCook, sophisticated kitchen design that blends inside and outside

Our outdoor spaces are being increasingly imagined as an extension of the insides of our homes. The sophisticated designs of the OiCook oudoors kitchens are a response to this trend.

OiCook is a modular collection of outdoor kitchens with a design inspired by the looks and finishes normally found with indoor models. They can be configured along the lines of a conventional wall hung model (the One Side series) or free standing (Island series) with a partially cantilevered worktop that works like a bar counter. The collection includes tour types of storage modules, under sink unit and one accommodating a gas cylinder for the hob burner. Combined with the accessories: PITT gas burner, sink, tap and 132 Lt capacity fridge with integrated panel door, multiple compositions are made possible depending on the outdoor space and individual requirements. OiCook offers an infinite number of possible compositions. Nevertheless OISIDE has come up with two set configurations with four units each that include all the module and accessory options: One Side Oi Four and Island Oi Eat Four models. OISIDE develops its collections in collaboration with recognised and talented designers and architects as well as its own design team. Innovative designs, both in terms of technical performance and aesthetics, with sophisticated and timeless pieces featuring clever detailing. This same team is responsible for researching new finishes and systems to improve the resistance of OISIDE materials and upholstery.