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Oiside: Stories told around a summer table

Oiside furniture designs for enjoying meals and get-togethers in the outdoors.

A porch, a beautifully set table, a comfortable chair and great company: it’s like a postcard showing an idyllic summer. The season invites dining outdoors in the open air and under the shade without worrying about time, and Oiside will be decorating these spaces with contemporary designs that recall the Mediterranean. The look, the comfort and the highly resistant materials to outdoor weather conditions characterise the brand’s furniture that also offers customised finishes.

A long table, available in two sizes and made of iroko timber is the highlight of the Beam collection, by Francesc Rifé. It can be complimented with an upholstered seating model that is defined by its playful arrangement of slats that brings a designer look to the overall set. The Violet collection by Radice Orlandini is the right choice for more exuberant exteriors. Despite the deceptively simple structure of the set the angles and volumes of the elements are still surprising, with uniquely resolved details like the chair handles or the table with its non-rectilinear top with five legs. The supreme elegance of Penda is captured by a collection that combines very different materials (Aluminium and iorko timber) and forms (tubular vs. rectangular profiles). As well as the variety of subtle details featured in the Twist collection with its corded backrest for the seating elements and the slightly raised floating tabletop (the dark natural stone finish lends the overall set a sophisticated air).

For intimate outdoor get-togethers circular tables are unbeatable. The Panamá collection designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, has a striking structure composed of aluminium metal rods that recall woven wicker techniques. The table belonging to the N12 brings together lightness with functionality: here the combination of tubular profiles for the structure resembles branches of wicker work. The furniture elements of the Parc collection (which are stackable) have a graphic quality; the Línea collection on the other hand is rationalist with very visible frames, and the 45 collection, one of the most complete in terms of the variety of tables, completes the Oiside range of designs for moving the dining experience outdoors this summer.