The Beam and Penda collections as well as the Drums side tables represent the first collaboration between the Francesc Rifé studio and OISIDE.

The interior and industrial designer Francesc Rifé (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, 1969) is responsible for three of the new collections to be launched by OISIDE during 2021: Beam and Penda as well as the Drums side tables. His minimalist and pure style, with carefully designed proportions and subtle detailing lends great versatility to the OISIDE catalogue of outdoor furniture with exquisitely structured designs that are ideal for elegant and relaxing spaces.

Francesc Rifé opened his own design studio in Barcelona during 1994, specialising in interior design projects as well as industrial design, including temporary stands and art direction commissions. Over his career he has been awarded with both national and international recognition for his work in all of these areas. This is his first time designing for OISIDE so we decided to ask him about his approach to detailing and his objectives with this new collaboration.

How did the collaboration with OISIDE come about?

My relationship with OISIDE happened at just the right time. We were both in agreement that outdoor furniture needed to evolve in terms of quality to improve its offering, catering more to modern life.

In what way did you think that collaborating with this company could be interesting for you?

As creatives taking part in a new design centred dialogue is always stimulating. But more than anything else having the chance to design an outdoor furniture collection that would withstand the passage of time was very appealing.

What makes OISIDE different in terms of the other outdoor furniture companies out there?

OISIDE has a way of looking at timeless design, materials and lasting construction that avoids being showy, and I share that security in what I do. The pieces of furniture that are designed just for show generally don’t last in the long run.

What did you want to bring to the table with this collaboration?

I believe that OISIDE was looking for this simplicity that we embrace in our practice. From that foundation we were tasked with building collections with a fresh aesthetic that would represent the brand.

What new approach does the Francesc Rifé studio bring to the OISIDE catalogue?

We present collections that share this calm visual style and that have prioritised comfort over the rigidity that we are used to seeing in this type of furniture collection for the outdoors.

What materials have you worked with and with what aims?

For all of the collections we wanted to emphasise the structure of the furniture and the materials. We have used wood like iroko as well as aluminium because their design values are consolidated and meaningful for us. We’ve also included textiles to compliment the collections but without overwhelming them.

Do these collections represent a change of direction or a new style for OISIDE?

Yes, but not only for our collections. OISIDE is entering a more rationalist style phase, much more sensible, no non-sense approach and therefore longer lasting.

What type of new contract or residential projects do you think OISIDE will be used for after this evolutionary step forwards?

This new approach in the design is all encompassing and this makes the products work well in many contexts. The restraint in the design will help in this direction.