Oiside » BEAM, a collection of iroko furniture with a discreet and elegant architectural style

BEAM, a collection of iroko furniture with a discreet and elegant architectural style

With a definite architectural quality the design of the Beam collection juxtaposes different planes and sizes of slats lending each piece a subtle graphic expression.

BEAM is the perfect collection for creating exterior living and relaxation areas as well as outdoor dining spaces with its balanced and discreet design with elegant detailing that provides definite character and identity.

Made from iroko timber the designs of the BEAM collection are characterised by their generous, thoughtful and rectilinear volumes. An architectural and rationalist style approach lending gravity and great aesthetic versatility to the elements of this collection designed by Francesc Rifé.

The carefully arranged configuration and sizing of the slats for each of the elements not only adds to the dynamic character but also underlines the natural finish of the wood, not merely in terms of its looks but also the structural integrity of the pieces belonging to the BEAM collection.

All the pieces belonging to the BEAM collection can be customised including the colour of the fabrics. OISIDE can adapt and manufacture each of the elements of the collection according to the specific dimensions of a project or space.

Authentic in their expression, architectural and minimalist in style the designs of Francesc Rifé are noteworthy for their meticulous and elegant structural details and design. He has had his own studio in Barcelona since 1994 specialising in interior design and industrial design projects as well as ephemeral stands and art direction, his work has been recognised with numerous national and international awards.